My Zero Waste Vegan Travel Checklist

Bon Voyaj!

What a joy it was to be spending the day traveling home to Boston.

For me, the holidays are all about gratitude, family and love. As our lives take us in different places as we get older, I always have peace of mind knowing my family will all be in the same place during these celebratory times of year.

Today, I share with you a glimpse of my #ZeroWasteVeganTravel Checklist from my eBook. I break it down into...

My Top 5 Tips:

1. Bring your own utensils and food.
2. Refuse all single-use disposables such as food wrappers.
3. Fill your water bottle at a refill station.
4. Bring a travel mug for your morning joe/tea!
5. OFFSET. Offset your carbon emissions online. United or The Good Traveler have great programs for this! And it’s affordable. Round trip San Diego to Boston is around $9.



  1. I think that the amazing zero waste philosophy fits perfectly when it comes to special dietary needs, I remember to order my special gluten free meal on a trip to Europe and it came all packaged in a plastic bag, I thought that it was a good idea to avoid gluten cross contamination as you are aware, but now it seems so unnecessary. Of course on a 10+ hour trip will it be enough to have just one water bottle, remember that they give lots of small sized water bottles to ensure hydration of the passengers. Anyway surely a little pseudo-fasting won’t hurt our strong and beautiful bodies right, 😀 There’s always a way and one must have the courage to do whatever it takes to be on the journey we chose to follow. XXXOOO Love as usual!!

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