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For all of you wanderlusters who wish to travel in a more mindful, eco-friendly way…

Zero Waste Vegan Travel is a practical, relatable guide based on my personal, walk-the-talk experience of living a zero waste vegan lifestyle.

This book is not intended to make your life harder, but rather simpler, happier and healthier! To touch upon both lifestyle components: zero waste and vegan, I have split the book into parts, beginning with my personal definitions of each term. Each part of this book is rich with information, including:

  • Zero Waste Vegan Lifestyle Hacks
  • Alternatives & Tips
  • Recipes
  • Your Complete Travel Checklist
  • Money-Saving Strategies and MORE!

This book presents the tried-and-true ways to a lifestyle filled with more compassionate, health-focused choices that are in alignment with Mother Earth. I share with you what has worked and what has not while navigating my travels and experience as a ZWV lifestylist.

A better world begins with YOU.

Welcome to Zero Waste Vegan Travel: Your Complete Guide to a More Compassionate (Less Trashy!) Travel Experience.

4 reviews for Zero Waste Vegan Travel

  1. Erin Stanczyk (verified owner)

    Marina’s e-book is laid out so well and provides a wealth of information on Applying zero waste and vegan tricks of the trade to travel and everyday life! I love the bonus recipe section at the end, and i’m Feeling Inspired to Now explore the world through a more conscious lens!


  2. Melanie Prince

    I got a deep sneak peak at this book as the copyeditor (i.e., I read it multiple times) and can tell you it’s full of HEART. You’ll find life and travel hacks, amazing information, delicious recipes and so much more. Literally anyone will benefit from getting their hands on this information. Vegan or not, World traveler or not, Zero Waste Vegan Travel will guide you to a healthier more sustainable life.

  3. Bal Herrera (verified owner)

    Vegan lifestyle taken to the next level! Because what’s the point of being vegan if you’re still leaving a rubbish footprint all over? Marina introduces you to a new level of looking at your own reality, easy explained and friendly full of interesting info and personal experiences. I’m fairly new to this ZW approach but with amazing tips like the ones provided in this excellent book I’m sure my progress will sky rocket in no time.

  4. zayedsarah (verified owner)

    This eBook is very well organized and loaded with useful information for the every day consumer. Love that the author gets personal— it just makes waste reduction more practical. The stories and tips are all modern/current ideas that can be taken into our every day lifestyles.

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