Eco Goddess is the creation of Marina Qutab, a Zero Waste Vegan Influencer in the eco-conscious lifestyle industry. The co-founder of the first zero waste shop in Southern California, she has been advocating for a more just and thriving planet for over 8 years.  An exemplification of all that she wishes to create, she is a leading visionary in the eco-friendly lifestyle movement, especially in San Diego, CA.

Marina’s inspiration for being a zero waste vegan lifestylist arose after her life-changing experience at the young age of ten visiting her father’s home country Pakistan. Here she was exposed to environmental degradation at an alarming rate and extreme poverty. Upon becoming ill and blowing her nose into a tissue one night where she witnessed black mucus from the air pollution, she knew it was her calling to work towards building a more conscious, just and sustainable world.

A better world begins with YOU.

A recent graduate from UMASS Amherst, Marina double majored in Communications: Media & Popular Culture Studies and the Arabic Language, and minored in Film Studies. She has been a leading voice on sustainability and social impact since her early years in high school, where she ran a successful campaign to ban styrofoam from her dining hall. Her passion for environmental action, public health, and equal justice led to her enrollment in the month long Project Green Challenge, where she competed with over 4,000 students from around the globe and later qualified as a finalist. She was then flown to San Francisco to attend PGC Finals, where she delivered a speech TedX style in front of a panel of esteemed judges and placed 2nd.

She motivates thousands of conscious lifestyle seekers from around the world to make healthier, more compassionate lifestyle choices that are in alignment with Mother Earth. She is the author of Zero Waste Vegan Travel to be released in November of 2017. Whether it’s choosing what you eat, how you take care of our delicate planet Earth, who you spend time with, how you practice self-love, Eco Goddess is here to show you there’s a way to CHOOSE a path that allows you to follow your smile (be happy + fulfilled), build a more mindful, sustainable and thriving planet (be compassionate), and grow into the individual you always wanted to be (evolve).